Join Æmbassy, the BitDAO Community Ambassador Program


Over the past few months, the BitDAO Ambassador Program has shifted into a few different shapes and forms. We've experimented with DAO governance, learned a wide-range of DAO tools, and have also organized events here and there. If you've been around in the BitDAO community channels, you may have seen us kicking around in the Discord or on Twitter, without much explanation about what we have been working on. But today, we're ready to make it official.

Announcing the launch of BitDAO Æmbassy! 🎉

To help us kick things off, Windranger Labs has allocated an initial 10,000 BIT for Æmbassy's launch! These funds will be used to reward contributions from Æmbassy members.

Whether you are a developer, a writer, designer, DeFi enthusiast, or just looking for a way to contribute, we invite you to join Æmbassy and help make BIT even better.

What is Æmbassy?

BitDAO Community Ambassadors
Æmbassy members are content creators, translators, community builders, moderators and much more. The Æmbassy Community Program represents the community base layer of the BitDAO ecosystem. We’re at forefront of BitDAOs expansive mission, educating and engaging the BIT community along the way!

BitDAO Community Onboarding

Become a BitDAO Ambassador!

If you want to get involved in contributing to the BIT community, this is the place to be! Join us by completing the six steps below. Tick off the boxes and watch your BIT balance increase with every action you take. As you earn more BIT you’ll move up the Leaderboard and unlock additional perks!

Æmbassy has already attracted contributors from a variety of backgrounds, situated across the globe. The scope of contributions from Æmbassy members is focused primarily on creating content, events, and contests geared towards educating a wide audience about BitDAO and AEs. We believe that initiatives led by active individuals and small teams from the community have the power to produce transformational change.

Æmbassy Mission

  • Grow the global BitDAO community
  • Educate the masses about the BitDAO ecosystem
  • Increase adoption and awareness of AE programs, products, and services
  • Support the BitDAO contributors in growing their own audience and improving their skills
  • Partner with other DAOs and builders in Web3 to create an unstoppable movement

BitDAO Æmbassy: BitDAO Community Ambassador Program

All Æmbassy members take some role in the following actions:


Explain and promote the core mission of BitDAO. Promote current news and events related to BitDAO and AEs within your network.


Participate in discussions and answer questions about BitDAO, AEs, and Web3 generally. Bring the good vibes 😎


Create content and events that help inform Web3 citizens about BitDAO, AEs!

Key Roles

Content Creators

  • Video or audio content - AMAs, panel discussions, interviews, explainers, podcasts, Twitter Spaces, clubhouse gatherings.

  • Written content - blog posts, twitter threads, interviews, articles, newsletters.

  • Graphic content - Memes! Infographics, NFTs, custom emojis + stickers, event posters.


  • Translate content and documentation into other languages.

Community Builders & Moderators

  • Manage an international channel in the BitDAO Discord, Telegram or Twitter. Help answer questions in all public channels.

The Perks!

Æmbassy members receive a wide range of perks and incentives. We strive to offer an innovative and fulfilling approach to rewarding Ambassadors. We’re always adding rewards and ways to earn BIT!

Some of the perks Æmbassy members will have access to:

BIT Leaderboard

Rank up on the BIT leaderboard based on your BIT holdings

  • Additional rewards will become available for those in top leaderboard positions. Stay tuned!

Bounties & Grants

Check in at for a variety of tasks you can complete to earn BIT tokens! We’re always updating our offers, so check back for often for opportunities to earn!


  • Access to partners and other key BitDAO community members
  • Access to BitDAO ecosystem events
  • Æmbassy Discord Badge


  • Find support and build your networks in Web3
  • Join a likeminded community of global BitDAO contributors and usher in a new era of decentralized technology.

Contests & Giveaways

  • Take part in contests to grow your BIT holdings
  • Swag + other giveaways

Earn $BIT

Through participation in Æmbassy, there will be many opportunities to earn BIT. Here are a few ways you can get started immediately. We will be frequently adjusting the amount of BIT you can receive for each action:

  • Register on
  • Log in to daily
  • View blog content
  • View videos
  • Post blogs and content
  • Drive visitors to your blogs and content
  • Comment on blogs
  • Click on sponsored links
  • Complete BIT Quests
  • Find easter egg links
  • Refer friends to Æmbassy and
  • Share content to social media
  • Follow BitDAO on Discord, Twitter, Telegram and Snapshot
  • Complete surveys and submit forms
  • Remain active in the community for one year

    Terms & Conditions

    • Only one account per member. We will occasionally run contests and campaigns that will serve to verify that each member is only using a single account. If you are found to be running multiple accounts, your BIT balance could be slashed.
    • No bots. We will occasionally run contests and campaigns that will serve to verify humanity. If you are found to be running bots or any form of automation, your BIT balance could be slashed.
    • Your BIT balance on can be redeemed for BIT to your ERC20 after you have a balance over 100 BIT. Due to gas costs, we are unable to redeem BIT to your ERC20 address for any amount under 100 BIT.
    • For increased safety and security, please use an ERC20 address that has no previous transactions on it.
    • Have fun