Æmbassy Top Contributor Delegation


20,178 BIT has been delegated to Æmbassy contributors 🎊

Æmbassy is slated to be the empowered community voice in the BitDAO ecosystem. Today we take the first steps towards making that vision a reality by delegating BIT to the top 20 addresses holding the most dBIT!

Congratulations to these top dBIT holders, you now have BIT delegated to your wallet address!

  1. je (Windranger team member, distributed dBIT to other Æmbassy team members)
  2. ildar
  3. deefs
  4. yonks
  5. lbrian (Windranger team member distributed dBIT to other Æmbassy team members)
  6. leeland
  7. mr. crab
  8. inny
  9. cryptonight
  10. mrsyonks
  11. naberius
  12. rudra
  13. bobostoo
  14. xuanling
  15. kenny
  16. xandrell
  17. parallacs
  18. whitehat
  19. sadheadcrab
  20. Æpe (no delegation given)

Some additional details

  • je and LBrian distributed their dBIT amongst the top contributors.
  • The dBIT balance of our new delegates was doubled prior to delegation!
  • If you were a top 20 dBIT holder but your balance was less than 500 dBIT, you have been delegated 500 BIT
  • Unfortunately we couldn’t delegate to every address that held dBIT. We’re planning future initiatives to help others delegate to their own address so they can vote on BIPs.
  • This is not a transfer of actual $BIT tokens to your wallet address. This BIT can only be used for voting, and can not be transferred or sold.
  • Delegation of BIT to Æmbassy team members was made possible through the support of Windranger Labs - a major contributor and stakeholder in the BitDAO ecosystem.

How do I check my voting power?

Simple! Complete the following 6-step BIT Quest to earn some extra BIT and vote in the latest BIP:

Vote on a BIP in the BitDAO Snapshot

  1. Log in to aembassy.io with your Metamask wallet
  2. Visit the BitDAO Snapshot Space and click Join
  3. Connect to a wallet that has received delegated BIT
  4. Vote on any active proposal
  5. Click the squiggly signature icon next to your vote
  6. Click Verify on Signator.io and paste the URL in the comments below