BIT Quest: Design a POAP


Create a POAP design for AEmbassy members that complete User Testing

Dozens of AEmbassy members will hold an NFT with your design!! Be creative and bold!!

The submission period is open for one 1 week (until 6/7/22)


Please follow the criteria to be eligible! (We may ask you to resize your image if you win)

  • Must contain the words "User Testing", "BitDAO", "AEmbassy"
  • New branding only (green)
  • Animated or still images accepted!!

How we select a winner

When the submission period closes we will open a new channel in Discord.

  • The community will vote for their favorite POAP design using the BIT emoji.
  • The design with the most BIT emojis will be the official User Testing POAP and the winner will receive 15 BIT.

Complete the checklist below to earn 1 BIT. As you earn more BIT you’ll move up the Æmbassy Leaderboard and unlock additional perks!