BitDAO Æmbassy Bounties


How to Submit a Bounty


How do I receive the BIT that I earn from completing bounties on DeWork?

If you have not signed up for please do so before you submit your work.

  • Payments under 100 BIT will be paid through
  • Payment over 100 BIT paid through DeWork [pending approval of multisig]

How do I withdraw my balance from

Your BIT balance on can be redeemed for BIT to your ERC20 after you have a balance over 100 BIT. Due to gas costs, we are unable to redeem BIT to your ERC20 address for any amount under 100 BIT.

Who is the Æmbassy Bounty Board for?

Content Creators in the BitDAO community!

Writers, Youtubers, Newsletter authors, graphic designers, meme lords, Twitter scribes, Podcasters and any other kind of content creator.

What can I do in the Æmbassy Bounty Board?

  • Submit a bounty request to create a piece of BitDAO related content
  • Find open bounties that I can complete

What is the difference between the tasks on and the Æmbassy Community Bounty Board on DeWork?

Tasks and Quests on typically reward less than 5 BIT. These tasks are simple, quick, and are easy to track even when hundreds or thousands of individuals participate.

Bounties are more complex actions that may require more oversight. The result of an Æmbassy bounty submission is typically an original piece of content that is not easily replicated. For this reason these tasks attract a larger BIT payment.