BIT-Doge Meme Contest


GM Meme gods 🙌

Following the approval of the BIP-8: PleasrDAO x BitDAO $6.5M Partnership, we’re throwing a meme party with Doge as the guest of honor 🙇. Our hope is that the PleasrDAO x BitDAO partnership will help align our communities toward mutually beneficial outcomes! Join us in kicking off this partnership by creating a meme featuring the iconic Doge image.

Doge is one of the most iconic memes in internet history, the Doge NFT (DOG) project offers fractional ownership of the original Doge NFT, minted by Atsuko Sato, the owner of the IRL Doge.

If you think you have what it takes to wow the meme judges from AEmbassy, PleasrDAO, and the community, read on to learn about prizes, rules, and submission guidelines.

BitDAO Æmbassy: BitDAO Community Ambassador Program

much Prizes

We have two prize categories:

  • 1st — 3rd Prizes will be judged by @LBrian and @Je from BitDAO — AEmbassy and cryptosinclair & tridoggg from PleasrDAO and @Ownthedoge. Prizes will be awarded in BIT.

  • The Community Choice Award — Two prizes will be given for community choice! One winner will be awarded $BIT and the other $DOG. This prize will be judged by the community! Judging will take place in the Dog Park and BitDAO Discord servers. Instructions for voting are laid out below!

🥇 500 BIT
🥈 250 BIT
🥉 75 BIT
🏆 PleasrDAO Community Choice Award - 25 $BIT
🏆 BitDAO Community Choice Award - 6969 $DOG

Submission Guidelines

  • Post your meme on your personal Twitter account
  • Tag: #BitDAO, #PleasrDAO, #AEmbassy
  • Mention: @BitDAO_Official, @PleasrDAO, @bitdaoaembassy

(keep reading for additional rules)

Contest Timeline

  • Submission period: April 26April 30, 2022
  • 1st - 3rd prize: May 1May 3, 2022
  • 1st - 3rd winner announcement: May 4
  • Community voting period: May 4 —May 5
  • Community Choice winner announcement: May 6, 2022
  • Award distribution: May 6 — May 11, 2022

such Rules

  1. Memes must include doge!!!
  2. Memes must include a reference to PleasrDAO and BitDAO!!!
  3. Memes referencing AEmbassy will not be considered.
  4. No NSFW content
  5. Multiple memes submissions are welcome
  6. Participants will only be awarded once
  7. Be creative and bold with your memes (low-effort template memes will not be considered for prizes)

How to Vote for the Community Choice Award

Voting will take place on both the Dog Park and BitDAO Discord servers.

  • The winner of the community vote in the Dog Park Discord server
  • Discord will receive 25 $BIT
  • The winner of the community vote in the BitDAO Discord server
  • will receive 6969 $DOG

Stay tuned on Twitter for further instructions about voting for the community choice. (AEmbassy Twitter) (DogeNFT)

💡 Inspiration + Assets 💡

The Original Doge Image

BitDAO Æmbassy: BitDAO Community Ambassador Program

Brand Assets

Words and phrases

Art collecting empire | NFT | On-chain art | $2 Billion | DAO | Every BIT Counts | Treasury | AE | Autonomous Entities | $BIT | $PEEPS | $DOG | Own the Doge | ownership | culture | fractionalize | Art Gallery | Digital Art | wow | history | Fractal growth | mutualism | +/+


Other Doge Memes

BitDAO Æmbassy: BitDAO Community Ambassador Program

🛠️ Meme + Gif Generators 🛠️

Here are some meme and gif tools to help you create your masterpiece.

Meme Generators

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In essence, the DAO’s modus operandi is to buy and fund culturally significant pieces and then create something fundamentally additive to the soul of the piece before sharing it back with the community.

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