User Testing Interest Form

We're looking to test new products for the BIT community and are gathering interested community members to take part in user interviews over the following months.

Interview details: Interviews will be 30-45 minutes long in a 1:1 setting. Interviews will take place over google hangouts/zoom and will be recorded only for the purpose of research analysis - they will NOT be used for any other purpose. We will collect no personally identifiable information, and we encourage users to keep the camera off at their comfort. All testers will be rewarded with 25-50 BIT through the BIT Quest program.

  • The interviews will walk through to-be-released products
  • Testers will be retroactively rewarded with 25-50 BIT
  • Take place over google hangouts/zoom (camera not required)
If interested please fill out this form to gain access to the private #user-testing channel in the BitDAO Discord server.