zkDAO Meme Contest Winners


The time has come…


…to announce the winners of the zkDAO Meme Contest hosted by the BitDAO Æmbassy. After a long and arduous voting period, we as a community have selected the best, amongst the best!


So, without further adieu… the winners of the zkDAO Meme Contest are:

🥇1st Place:
🥈2nd Place:
🥉3rd and 4th Place:
🏅5th and 6th Place:
🏅 Consolation Prizes:
🏅 Consolation Prizes: 

🏆 Total number of winners: 41💰 Total $BIT prizes: 3500 BIT

A reminder of the submission guidelines is included at the bottom of the page.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and a special thanks to all of the community members who took time out of their day to submit an entry, and to those who voted as well!

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